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Eastern Regional #1 Ottawa  Oct 1-2 2011

Jeremy Lavallee (Juvenile Mixte)    Foxtrot 12th place

Eastern Regional #3 Belleville Oct 16, 2011

SHIRES, SARAH (Junior Mixte)  Alpha  8th place            BALL, SARAH (Juvenile Mixte)  Bravo  3rd place

DONEVAN, Meaghan (Senior Mixte)  Bravo  6th place    LAVALLEE, JEREMY (Juvenile Mixte)  Delta 11th place

HOWARD, Aliya (Midget Mixte)  Echo  2nd place             BALL, LAURA (Midget Mixte) Echo 11th place

PATTERSON, Julia (Bantam Mixte) Foxtrot  7th place      SYMONS, Mathieu (Bantam Mixte) Foxtrot 12th place

SYMONS, Nicholas (Bantam Mixte) Golf 2nd place          PETZNICK, William (Peewee Mixte) Golf  8th place

PETZNICK, Alexander (Peewee Mixte) Golf  12th place   DYKSTRA, Darren Special Olympics

Ontario Cup #1 Cambridge October 29-30

Sarah Ball Juvenile Female  3rd place                              Aliya Howard  Midget Female 3rd place

Laura Ball Midget Female 18th place

Kingston Ladder Meet November 12, 2011

Arellano Alexander        Symons Mathieu        Patterson Julia       Symons Nicholas         Petzick William            Kieley Brennoch        Kieley Seamus              Petzick Alexander      Dykstra Darren      Shires Sarah                Ball Sarah                  Donevan Meghan

Howard Aliya                 Sturgeon Paul            Tessier Alex          Ball Laura

Ontario Cup #2 Newmarket November 19-20

Sarah Shires Junior Female  2nd                  Sarah Ball Juvenile Female  5th

Aliya Howard Midget Female 1st                   Laura Ball Midget Female 19th

Eastern Regional #6 - Gloucester December 2, 2011

TESSIER, Alexander  (Juvenile  Mixte) Charlie   13th place    ARELLANO, Alexander (Bantam  Mixte) Golf  2nd place

PATTERSON, Julia (Bantam Mixte)  Hotel  4th place

Eastern Regional #7 - Clarington January 7, 2012

BALL, SARAH (Juvenile Mixte) 10th BRAVO                         ARELLANO, ALEXANDER (Bantam Mixte) 4th INDIA

BALL, LAURA (Midget Mixte)  10th INDIA                               PATTERSON, JULIA (Bantam Mixte) 5th JULIET

SYMONS, MATHIEU (Bantam Mixte) 9th JULIET                      SYMONS, NICHOLAS (Bantam Mixte) 12th JULIET

PETZNICK, WILLIAM (Peewee Mixte) 11th KILO