Small Blades

Take it to the next level with Small Blades!

Can your young skater skate the length of the rink with no help?  Are they looking for an extra challenge?  In our Small Blades program, skaters develop their edge control, body position, cross overs, and stopping.

Our program focuses on confidence building and skill development through fun activities and games. During the season, skaters begin on hockey skates but will have the opportunity to transition to speed skates if they wish.


In the Small Blades program, skaters need the following equipment:

  • Helmet – Speed skating helmet or hockey helmet
  • Gloves – cut-resistant
  • Knee Pads – soft, volleyball style
  • Neck Guard – hockey style with bib (ballistic nylon or Kevlar)
  • Shin Pads – hard-shell soccer style
  • Clothing  – must have long sleeves and legs (no exposed skin)
  • Safety glasses – shatterproof eyewear (or full face visor)
  • Face covering  – optional (assuming no change to Covid protocols)

Schedule and Information

Program times: Tuesdays 5:30-6:20PM

Location: Cataraqui Community Centre – Kinsmen Icepad
(just north of the 401, west of Sydenham Rd)

No fundraiser commitment required.


Email for more info.